Differences between hair loss and hair breakages.

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Many ladies embark on their natural hair journey with the misconception that now all their hair woes are a thing of the past.  But in reality any hair damage whether it’s hair loss or breakage are exacerbated for some.  It’s vital to identify any bad hair care practices that are hair causing hair loss (especially around the hair line or those edges) and breakage.    Let’s take a closer look at the difference between hair loss and breakage.

What’s the Difference Between Hair Loss and Breakage?

It’s important to understand the difference between alopecia and traumatic alopecia which in simpler terms translate into hair loss and hair breakage respectively.

Full definitions provided Dr. Susan Taylor, dermatologist, clinical researcher, and world-renowned expert in treating skin of color.

Alopecia simply means hair loss. If you have hair loss, then you have alopecia. However, it is important to realize that there are many different types of hair loss or alopecia. Alopecia may occur in different locations on the scalp. There are different causes of alopecia. Some types are reversible and others are not. As you would expect, there are different treatments for alopecia depending upon the type.

I would like to add if you are seeing bald spots or noticeable bald spot, consult your stylist and a dermatologist or trichologist.

Traumatic Alopecia (Hair Breakage) means that the hair strand has become shorter than it was before because of trauma or injury to the hair strand. An example is hair that previously touched your shoulders that may have broken off and now only touched the top of your ears. There are also many reasons for hair breakage.

We have identified a few reasons in this post: 11 Causes of Breakage.  Once you identify the hair breaking behavior eliminate them from your regimen.  If you are having trouble,  your dermatologist and hair stylist may help pinpoint the cause.

How do we remedy this?

First, it is important to visit a hair care professional and in some cases a dermatologist to diagnose these issues. If you notice hair loss (bald spots or thinning edges), see a dermatologist sooner than later.  Secondly, understand that yes thinning hair and hair loss plays a small part in the aging process but it can be minimized. For more read how Hormones/Age Can Affect Your Hair.  And hair breakage is completely preventable.

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