3 Reasons Why Your Hair Is Not Growing

Reasons why my hair is not growing

Ladies tell me this all the time. And the truth is that, that can’t be any further from the truth.

The truth about natural hair growth is that hair grows about half a millimetre each day, about one-half inch every month or approximately six inches (15 cm) in one year.

There are usually 3 Reasons that you’re not noticing hair growth

1. Lack of Patience

Your hair is growing.  You just can’t tell because you’re looking at it every day.  To prove it to yourself, keep a hair journal. Document your process in pictures. I’ve done this in my natural hair journey.

2. Shrinkage

Shrinkage is simply one of the quirks of curly hair.  Your curls naturally draw up as they dry.  Shrinkage is also a sign of healthy hair.  Hair that shrinks or curls when dry has good elasticity.  My hair is about mid-back length but never falls pass my shoulders. Sometimes I’m a little frustrated but ultimately I’ve embraced the shrinkage. Its what makes natural hair unique and beautiful.

3. Damage/Breakage

Your hair is damaged and is not retaining length due to split ends.  The best way to prevent damage ends is by protective styling and getting a proper trim regularly. Or your hair is breaking at the same rate that its growing. Breakage vs Hair Growth affects most African ladies and minimizes the rate in which women retain length and maintains their natural hair.

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