With all the new wave of chic and cool hairstyles for you to try, the only hard part is deciding which hairstyle to wear first. From gorgeous pixie cuts to sleek relaxed ‘dos, there are hairstyles for blacks to suit every personality. Whether you have long locks or prefer your hair chopped and cropped, there’s plenty of trend-worthy styles to inspire and excite. All you need to do is pick your perfect style and go from there.


Not only are cornrows practical for taming wild locks but they’re also incredibly cool and chic. Opt for thicker and fewer cornrows for a more modern take on this trend.

Beautiful Black Woman Cornrow
Short Beaded Cornrow with Rasta
Jelly Cornrow

2.Box Braids

Box braids make a stylish and on-trend look this season. Combined with a leather jacket they appear edgy and tough.


These cool dreadlocks are just great for the season. Appearing messy sometimes and sometimes intact, these looks are modern and free.

Faux locs

4.Hair Twists

These thick hair twists are a stylish way to help manage the volume of thick hair. A great alternative to braids, these twists have a slightly softer appearance.

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  1. Very informative piece👌.You can also tell us how long we should wait before re braiding again after you have unbraided and how to treat our hair during the period before we braid again in order to avoid shrinkage or hair loss.

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